Sustainability is in our core. All products we create are sustainable and eco friendly.


Named after the Mars Rover 'Opportunity' that landed on Mars in 2004. This coat takes inspiration directly from the biosphere project specifically linked with colonising on Mars, this unique oversized coat features a grey felted outer layer with oversized silver chrome eyelets and artificial grass / real grass (dependant upon selection), six layers of wadding and a silver viscose lining. It features a 40cm Silver chunky zip and random placement quilting all over. 


One Size.


If the 'Real Grass' option is selected you will need to care for, water and trim your grass as you would with your garden grass. It will need sunlight to live and has a rockwool base. 


The artificial grass option will not require any aftercare.


Each item is Made to Order and can take between two and eight weeks depending upon studio workload. Please email for accurate lead times or if you need the item rushed.