• Ashley Raynor

New Designers Exhibition 2019

As a graduating year group we showed at the annual New Designers Exhibition as a team. We had a stand that showcased a few selected pieces from our graduate collections which was a mix of fashion and textile work.

We all headed down there the day before to set up the stand...

I commuted into London for each day that it was on as I wanted to make sure that I was there each day to speak to industry contacts about my work and to make sure that I was on hand with covering the stand for the other girls. We had a loose rota and took it in turns to make sure that the stand was manned at all times. It was an open exhibition so there were members of the public, judges for the awards and industry contacts walking about.

My main interests were from M&S and also from Urban Outfitters with whom I'm going to follow up with after the exhibition is finished. It was disappointing that there were a few universities attending with fashion design and costume design BA's but there were no awards for this, where there seemed to be awards for every other discipline which was a shame!

I chose to take my main Voyager coat and also my pathfinder coat as I felt as though these were the most striking and really reminiscent of my theme and concept. I set up my portfolio underneath alongside some look books that I had printed for people to take away.