• Ashley Raynor

BAHM Magazine - Fall 2019 - Behind the Scenes

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Photos from behind the scenes working with BAHM Magazine for their fall editorial shoot in central London. We used the Barbican Centre as the location for the shoot as the architecture and garden sculptures had that space age / worn out look that we wanted to go for. Think end of the world / space bunker kind of vibe. We really wanted to highlight the lonely feel of the concept. For those who haven't read the blog much or don't really know the concept of the collection, in a nutshell: Oversized, heavyset coats and knit undergarments cope with the freezing atmosphere on Planet Mars. Set in our near future, one of the first teams sent to colonise Mars due to the pollution and destruction of Planet Earth.

Photographer: Christopher Bissell

MUA & HS: Bryanna Angel

Female Model: Elisa Fuglebjerg from the Linden Staub modelling agency

Male Model: Erik Perrins

Everyone was amazing to work with and I definitely need a wardrobe assistant for the next photoshoot that I do. It was too much to try and liaise with the MUA, photographer and be the stylist for two models all at the same time. I was back and forth a lot rather than focusing on the shots which is where I needed to be. Lesson learnt!