The Brand

All products are designed, sampled and manufactured in house and not out sourced. This ensures a cohesive quality that we can up keep. Nothing leaves our studio without being the best that it can be.


An eco-conscious London based brand dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion for a lower impact on the environment. Through the use of innovative materials, our luxury fashion label strives to tackle the issue of waste in the fashion industry and lower the post-consumption impact of our products.


The Designer

A graduate designer specialising in innovative fashion construction, the exploration of alternative surface design and manipulated textiles. Continual work to push boundaries and challenge disciplines, forming a strong and extreme aesthetic as an emerging designer.

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Some of our products use recycled fabrics or innovative materials such as Cork (tree bark). But mainly we buy in raw, organic fabrics to dye and print ourselves. This is our stack of Raw Organic Seeded Denim ready to be dyed.

We create all of our own print imagery through drawings and paintings, this is then digitised and exposed onto a screen for screen printing. We create our own imagery so that it is completely exclusive to our brand and you won't see it anywhere else.

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We mix all of our own colours from our bases to create a cohesive colour palette across the collection.

We use binders instead of printing dyes as the dyes use a vast amount of water in the washout process and steaming process (the fashion industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world, second only to oil). Our binders just need heat applied to them once dried to fix them to the fabric. This method is much more environmentally friendly and just as effective.

We screen print all of our own fabrics in our own printing studio. This is all done by hand and makes each piece completely unique.

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Once the fabrics have been dyed and printed, they are then cut out in the sewing studio and start being constructed. Again, we do all of this in house and nothing is outsourced. This helps us to maintain our sustainability pledge by managing the entire process of a garment from raw fabric to final product.

We sew our signature tags into all of our products and each item is fully quality checked before it heads out.

If you would like to know more about the brand, the designer or the sustainability pledge. Please get in touch via the 'Contact' page.

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